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About Jehan...

Jehan LLC was started in 2009, originally under the name Docuvent Photography. Through working hard and networking Jehan LLC. received it's very first photography job by attending a networking event in Columbus, Ohio. From there, the owner, Jehan went on to meet and connect with others that would soon hire her for portraits and other events. While still using the name Docuvent Photography to represent both her event coverage and special projects, it became evident she needed to revamp her business name to more completely capture her business, currently while keeping an eye on it's future growth.  Thus, Jehan LLC. was born. Jehan LLC. umbrellas her photography, graphic design, and creative consulting. While photography is what she is most known for she maintains other services associated to help clients achieve and receive their vision.  The goal is to provide an experience for her clientele that not only provides wonderful portraits, but a memorable photo session and an overall experience, no matter if the subject is a professional model used to being in front of the lens or a small business owner who hasn't had a professional photo done since their yearbook picture. Portraits are what people use to document a moment or a feeling and I am happy to be a part of that experience.

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