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How do I make payments?

  • Use the Credit/Debit Card link sent via Honeybook.


Do you do consultations?

  • Consultations generally are not necessary, however a brief 15 minute consult can be accommodated to go over wardrobe selection, posing, location, etc. for free. 

  • In person consults are 30 minutes and a $35 fee will need to be paid prior to the consult.  This is generally for larger, production type sessions.


How fast will I get my photos?

  • You will be notified once the session is scheduled, paid for.  An blind estimate can not be given due to the number of projects & other factors that may be occurring at the time of your session.  If you require your photos within a certain time, please feel free to advise me.  For “extreme” rush jobs a fee may be applied.


Are additional services available?

  • Hair, makeup & wardrobe assistance are not offered routinely, these services can be arranged for an additional flat fee.


What are your business hours?

  • Photoshoots can be booked 7 days a week, subject to availability.  Business hours for inquiries are usually M-F, with limited availability/response on weekends.


Can I select a location outside of your studio for my session?

  • Yes, this may be subject to additional fees, please inquire if you have a location or you need help selecting a location.


Can I bring someone to take “behind the scenes photos”?

  • Yes, however they must follow the following rules: Cell phone photo/video only, no flash or light source can be employed, they must defer their position to Jehan LLC.

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