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Happy 10 Year Anniversary

10 years ago I was tired of sitting in a corporate job that I heavily disliked. It was the kind of job you pray yourself too, during and when you leave so that you will show up the next day. Did I mentioned I disliked it? I made some horrible financial choices and I was desperately trying to stay a float. I picked up a second job doing over night stock several days a week with two hours in between where I would sleep before it was time to get my son and myself ready for school and my 9-5. It was taxing and grueling but I tried not to think about it too hard.

It was at my desk one day I thought "So you have this degree in graphic design, what's next? Do you sit here until someone gives you a chance? Do you make your own way?". I was also well versed in photography as I had taken it in high school and some college courses. I knew that I enjoyed it, but how would I start a sustainable business? It was also during this time I experienced the heartbreak of my life. So I'm frustrated, unhappy, and motivated to show up and show out. I refused to be broke, hurt, and struggling.

On the day that the vision was born (a few months earlier than my anniversary) I said to myself "I'm not in any of the photos I took of my son." You would see my hand or my foot from trying to balance him as a baby but never me. "Hmmm...What if I start a photography business that puts the important people back in the photo." And there it was...I was a photographer. I selected a name, started to build my website, and ordered business cards with an amazing image I took of my friends daughter.

There's more to this story I'll probably share at a later date, but in a nutshell this is how my business was born. I have a passion for capturing moments and with that passion came a way to sustain myself while I continued to work in corporate America for another 8 years and now that I am a full time photographer. There's something to say about the things you are passionate about. It's like if you take care of it, your passion...It will take care of you.

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