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Welcome! Have a seat, take a sip of tea, enjoy a cookie (more than likely that's what I'm doing) and stay for awhile. My blog is a combination of photos and my life experience as an entrepreneur who is also feeling her way out in the single world. Join me in my travel journeys, photography experiences, and my everyday life.

“A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places”-Isabelle Eberhardt

If you had many wins in 2018, but you entered into 2019 feeling a little bit like something was missing, this post may be for you.

In an attempt to bring everything full circle in 2018 I sought after something I deemed would make things perfect so much that I ignored every sign that "it" was no longer something that fit within my world. When it fell apart I was crushed. How could this have happened? I knew it could be perfect! What I've come to realize is that situations that do not allow you to be your authentic self will never work out.

I started 2019 starting over in certain areas. While my photography has flourished nicely and continues to allow me to live the dream entrepreneurship life, my personal life absolutely sucked. Guarded and fearful of change, I decided to let go a little and open myself up to a "life experience". What exactly does that mean? I decided to stop making so many rules for myself. I'm taking a few more calculated chances and allowing myself to selfishly live in each moment.

What I'm learning in this process is truly identifying who I am. I don't think we take enough time with ourselves to learn our short comings and identify the common denominator in what we may deem as our less than stellar moments. The good, the bad and the ugly are all worth embracing.

2019 started with an impromptu trip to New York. It was my first time visiting and I wondered the streets in the cold completely fascinated with the city. Although I was in a big noisy city, I had a quiet peace during the two days I spent alone walking down streets and exploring a new adventure. My brain was on overload absorbing every site, every person, every building, everything new that made my environment. Some how I processed everything I was trying to work out in my mind during that trip. Sometimes we just need a new canvas to paint a new picture.

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